Our Authentication Gateway solutions guarantee and solidify the security of your organization. From small enterprises to large organizations facing security problems. Institutions are moving ahead with the constant threat of Bad Actors. For an organization with such problems, we provide you with the security of your data source with Wibon authentication gateway serviceWibon Networks provides an all-in-one gateway controller for your organization. Unibox is one of the gateway controllers, it can function both as a firewall and an access controller. One of the major specialties of Unibox is it can act as an authentication and billing server. With the help of Unibox, we can assure you of the security of network administrators and control access to wired or wireless networks.

Our authentication gateway products can be used as hotspot controllers, network controllers, and internet gateways in different kinds of businesses like Hospitality venues, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Transport venues, and at any place where the network needs to be managed. Our Authentication Gateway also performs various security functions that are useful for managing networks for enterprises.

Key Features of Authentication Gateway

Network Configuration

Gives you the ability to interface and monitor your network by providing various network configuration and monitoring options

Captive Portals Security

By using an authentication gateway it can easily identify when unauthenticated users try to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot

User Authentication & Tracking

AAA  services are responsible for validating user’s credentials, providing access to the internet, any limited internet web servers if so


Allows administrators to configure different billing plans, create access codes, perform credit and clearing, interface with pay-pal and generate revenue reports

Bandwidth Control

Unibox allows administrators to effectively manage bandwidth among any users with any bandwidth control tools and optimal use of network bandwidth

Reporting and Analytics

Extensive reporting capabilities allow administrators to keep watch on all the activities on the network and analyze the data collected from the users

UNIBOX- An authentication gateway product

UniBox is an intelligent access controller and hotspot gateway that provides complete control on your wired and wireless network. Which helps network administrators to centrally manage their networks, avoid unauthorized access, enforce policies and track real-time network activity.

• Multiple Hotspots
• AP Controller
• On-board Captive Portal
• SSO / Two-Factor Authentication
• Hotspot Billing
• Prepaid Vouchers
• PMS Integration
• Bandwidth & Policy Control