Wibon smart WiFi solution in Kochi can help make all connections seamless. Wibon smart WiFi solution with a secured network control system. This will provide you with a unique username and password for each and every individual user with their login reports complying with the regulatory laws, which makes it mandatory to keep records of logs up to a year. Our bandwidth management system gives you full control over the hotspot/hot zone by quickly changing access policies, controlling user activity or monitoring access points status, and changing any setting globally with only a couple of clicks.

We are one of the quality WiFi providers and the smart WiFi solution provider in Kochi and we are the most trusted secured WiFi management solution provider in India. We have been offering our services to various branded chains of service providers. Wibon leads the industry by implementing the latest and cutting-edge technologies.

Why Wibon Is The Smart WiFi Solution In Kochi?

Wibon Smart WiFi Solution in Kochi helps to build better customer relationships and fulfill your needs with quality WiFi devices. Nowadays everyone needs the fastest and secure internet. Continuous usage, for example, even if work from home or office duties, for student purposes, and housewife, etc everyone pointed into a single platform. That is the internet. Without quality internet, a home/organization is not fulfilled in the current generation. Also, the usage of the internet is very high and increases continuously day by day. That is because WiFi Internet access is increasingly becoming an important service in all industries. According to the records of Google, its server capacity is getting low and the company is trying to increase the capacity of the search engine in every minute. Because the strength of peoples entering and searching for something getting high in every minute. Wibon Smart WiFi Solution in Kochi will help to serve all kinds of WiFi products in any industry in the best quality with the best service. Specialties of smart Wi-Fi solutions are:


  • Managed and Scalable WiFi Infrastructure
  • Enterprise-Class Security
  • Quality
  • Easy to create prepaid accounts

  • Web based Customer login

  • Easy to create voucher tickets

  • Publishing them softwares

  • Remote Hotspot operator for front-desk staff

  • Full compliance to standards