Wibon offers networking service for enterprises, wireless Internet Access for government offices, and corporate. Enterprises are increasingly expected to provide Wi-Fi access to customers and account for a large proportion of mobile device use. Compared to consumer networks, enterprise-level wifi service or connections use slightly different management methods and protocols. Moreover, enterprise equipment is able to support larger loads without tapering off into dead zones or suffering from dropped signals. The wifi service and networking service for enterprises from Wibon Bring rich features that suit a wide range of enterprise needs.

Wibon Networks offers in different networks like Wi-Fi, Wired, WiMAX in single or multi-location offices with centralized authentication. The networking service for enterprises requires multiple access points and is designed for high-density Wi-Fi use. Also, it is scalable to meet the growing demand. The enterprise wifi service equipment is designed to last longer than consumer equipment. Besides, it is a better option for linking up access points and possesses reliable tech support to provide quick fixes to problems. Wibon offers the enterprise-friendly features that allows only authenticated traffic and securely manage internet and intranet services.

Features of Wibon Networking Service for Enterprises

  • Based on username and password
  • Authorization will be based on IP address or MAC
  • Create a page for SMS OTP based login
  • Log reports in CSV/Printable/Graphical/PDF
  • SMPP Support
  • Customizable responsive login pages
  • Re-Authorization Functionality
  • Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility
  • Ease of admin interface
  • User Lifecycle management
  • Customizable Invoice templates
  • MIS & BI Reports
  • Multiple login limit
  • Quick configuration options
  • Third-Party NAS and RADIUS Integration
  • Pulse Based rating
  • Individual and shared bandwidth quota
  • CRM Integration
  • Inbuilt RADIUS Server, PAP/CHAP support
  • Tax and discount facility
  • User self-registration
  • Promotions and branding options.