With a secured network control system, Wibon offers you the best hospitality WiFi solution. Each user will have a unique username and password for their login reports. The company complies with the regulatory laws and makes it mandatory to keep a record of logs. Our bandwidth management system gives you a safe Wi-Fi service for hospitality and offers full control over the hotspot by quickly changing access policies, and monitoring access points.

  • Web-based Customer login
  • Easy to create prepaid accounts
  • Customized Login Pages
  • Easy to create voucher tickets
  • Remote Hotspot operator for front-desk staff
  • Collects guest data
  • Full compliance with standards

The smart networking solution for hospitality from Wibon offers robust (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) AAA. Moreover, it helps to incorporate captive portal capabilities. The authorization of this security solution is based on MAC and IP addresses. Wibon Smart Wi-Fi controller enables hotels to offer their guests uninterrupted connectivity. It offers high-quality service to high-value customers and facilitates bandwidth control based on each guests’ requirement. It helps allocate extra bandwidth to privileged guests by supporting committed bandwidth allocation (CIR).

Hospitality Wi-Fi Solution with Customized Allocation

With Wi-Fi service for hospitality, hoteliers can define or offer internet access to guests based on their requirements. Also, hotels can define room types and the number of rooms available in the hotels.

Easy access for guest with zero configurations

Once the guests are allocated with usernames and passwords, they can connect their laptops and access the internet automatically. Wibon creates a network that allows the guests to use Wi-Fi in their devices without any configuration.

Customizable guest login page and user-friendly user interface

Wibon offers hospitality WiFi solution with a customizable guest login page branded for single property location or multiple properties. With this feature, hotels can create location-wise captive portals for their users. Hotels & service apartments can deploy access points on each floor and the premises, offering Internet services to guests.