Home alarm systems intended to recognize interruption – unapproved section – into a building, structure, or other regions. Wibon offers security alarms after researching, testing, and comparing different home security companies. This comparison is done based on factors like installation, response time, cost, style/design, connectivity, and ease of use. Some Detainment facilities often use a security alarm system or security framework for the control of detainees. A security alarm system or frameworks fill the solitary need for theft assurance. Nowadays, there are wireless home security systems available in the market that offers both fire and interruption security.


Energy Management



Importance of Alarm Systems

Regardless of the size of your home or office, the alarm system often fills a solitary need for robbery assurance. Wibon provides you the best home security system that protects your property against burglars or other potential home intruders. The alarm system or wireless security system with mix frameworks give both interruptions as well as fire security. Wibon offers interruption caution frameworks to cover every aspect of internal and external security requirements including a full range of panels sounders, wireless and wired detectors, etc. A typical home security system includes a control panel, both interior and exterior motion sensors, wired or wireless security cameras, and a high-decibel siren or alarm. Nowadays, a wide range of cloud-connected devices and security panels are available in the market. Modern-day wireless alarm systems often relay information from each sensor to your smartphone and comprise of a control panel that connects to your Wi-Fi. Functional and efficient door alarms bring the responsiveness and convenience of smart security systems with the reassurance of resistance to security threats or cyber-attacks. Many systems use wireless components that require professional installation. Wibon avails systems that support multiple wireless platforms, have affordable professional monitoring, and are easy to install.

Our Advanced Security Products

Our Premier Elite Series offers you most advanced electronic security solution. Our products are designed and installed to give high value of protect you.

Typical applications include:

• Banks
• Museums
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Luxury Homes
• Commercial Buildings